Cross-Border Electronic Commerce (CBEC)

Cross-border electronic commerce refers to transactions made through electronic commerce platforms, electronic payment and settlement, and delivery of goods through cross-border electronic commerce logistics and off-site warehousing, an international business activity in which a transaction is executed.
Our cross-border e-commerce is mainly divided into business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) trade patterns. Under B2B mode, e-commerce is mainly used for advertising and information release, and transaction and customs clearance are basically completed offline, which is still traditional trade in nature and has been included in the general customs trade statistics. Under the B2C mode, our country enterprise faces the foreign consumer directly, sells the individual consumer goods primarily, the logistics aspect mainly adopts the aviation small package, the mail, the express delivery and so on, its declaration main body is the post or the express delivery company, at present, most are not included in the customs registration.
Cross-border e-commerce, as the technical basis of promoting economic integration and trade globalization, is of great strategic significance. Cross-border e-commerce not only breaks through the barriers between countries, making international trade to trade without borders, but also it is causing great changes in the world economy and trade. For Enterprises, the open, multi-dimensional and three-dimensional model of multilateral economic and trade cooperation built by cross-border e-commerce has greatly broadened the path of entry into international markets, this has greatly facilitated the optimal allocation of multilateral resources and the mutual benefit of enterprises; for consumers, cross-border e-commerce has made it very easy to access information from other countries and to buy goods at good prices.
Wuqing, Tianjin, is a traditional production and exporting center, it is also the first place to do electronic commerce platform of Tianjin. Because here we have three main industry products, which are known all over the world, artificial flowers, carpets and bicycles. There are thousand of factories and trading companies to do international business in these three production centers. The famous artificial production center is Caozili. The silk flowers, faux foliage, and fake trees are the main products sold to overseas in large quantity. The local government gave great support to these enterprises to do electronic commerce.


Post time: Mar-16-2023