Why Choose Artificial Flowers? (3)

Where there are children and animals, plant toxicity can be a worry. Faux flowers are not toxic, but they can contain small,removable parts, so caution should be exercised as to who or what can access them to avoid choking.
Always in season
Some people have preconceived ideas about faux flowers, and they sometimes get bad press. Nowadays, artificial blooms are often statement pieces in their own right. Faux flowers have so much going for them, not least, their beauty. Embrace high quality blooms, and revel in how well they are made, and their realistic looks! Get creative and show us your work!
Being able to reuse faux flowers over and over again makes them a great investment. Whether it’s a commercial display that is reworked into a new design or bunches of wedding flowers that are repurposed as keepsakes, good quality faux stems will last a long while when looked after. The quality of the product is key here,as inferior blooms will not stand up to being bent and worked as much as a better made item. Premium blooms will not fade or deteriorate as quickly either, so it’s worth paying for a good brand, such as Al-homecan.
The quality and realism of faux blooms have improved a lot over the decades since the development of synthetic materials. Gone are the tacky, washed-out, flimsy plastic stems of yesteryear, replaced with robust, high quality moulding, detailed petals and foliage, and flexible, malleable parts. Many of these new products look so real that it is hard to tell them from the real thing, especially those with real-feel petals, that are created using advance materials technology. Stems can be manipulated into natural forms, and petals and leaves are frequently made up of different colors and highlights so they don’t have a flat, monotone appearance. It can often take a very close inspection of these products to reveal their truth. At silk flowers, we all come from horticultural backgrounds, so attention to detail is of paramount importance. We take care to check all items to quality them as being as close as possible to their natural selves and that level of detail will extend to the stems.


Post time: Sep-14-2023