Artificial Factory Wholesale Long Stem Decorative Hydrangea Flowers -WX3017001

cod. WX3017001
Length Artificial Single Spary Hydrangea Flowers
Material LDPE/wire/polyester
Package 24/144P/0.330cbm
MOQ 720Pcs


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China Wholesale Hydrangea Artificial Flowers Wedding Decoration Silk Hydrangea Flower Stem

These majestic fake hydrangea in fancy colors are perfect for creating a fancy wedding decoration. The opulent design of this artificial hydrangea, as the botanical name implies: countless stamens form the characteristic flower head, which is finely ramified on a long stalk and is lined with large leaves. All elements of the artificial hydrangea flower are of high quality and are modeled on the natural original down to the last detail.

You will find knots on the stem as well as remains of side shoots, leaf veins and bumps on the flowers. Each flower head has an individual design, so that the entire ensemble looks very lifelike. The leaves are also made of quality silk fabric, which enhances the natural impression.

With the very long stem and the robust workmanship, the silk hydrangea flower is perfectly suited for event decoration in the outdoor area. Hydrangeas are not in vain among the classic ornamental flowers of the wedding decoration. Together with artificial grasses, you can create elaborate bouquets that you can drape in cup vases or even glass vases to beautify the wedding party. They can keep the high-quality processed plant and use it again and again on different occasions.

The artificial hydrangea flower has a length of about 65cm, with the diameter of the flower head is about 20cm. It consists entirely of plastic or silk fabric and additionally has a wire core in the stemSo the stem is very flexible, that can be bent to any shape, or cut easily for floral arrangement.

Lovely faux hydrangeas flower are suitable for wedding centerpiece bridal shower decoration. Combine these blooming flowers into lovely floral bouquets for the bride. Also perfect for home,garden,church,office, gallery,hotel,cafe,party as well as other events.


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