Artificial Silk Rose Flowers

We used to call artificial flowers as Silk Flower. But silk is just a kind of material that makes the flower, it is called velvet, so when someone said silk flowers, he may mean velvet flowers.
From the material, artificial flowers can be made of pongee, velvet, brushed fabric,coated fabric, real touch fabric, etc. The price of artificial flowers is decided much by the material. Different fabric has different characteristic, some can hold the color well, some can keep very good shape after finalizing the design.So when you choose artificial flowers you have to consider the material quality, not just compare the price without material.
Our artificial rose flowers are in different styles, in single stem, in spray, in bunch, in bundle, in bouquet, etc. Tianjin is the origin place of artificial velvet rose flowers, so it is usually called the home of silk flowers. Tianjin artificial rose flowers are popular for its wholesale price with good quality. The design of artificial rose is copied the real rose flowers, so there are many kinds of artificial rose flowers with multiple colors.
Now as the development of materials, the fabric of artificial flowers are non-toxic and odor-free, even the stems and leaves are high simulated as the real ones.
For the high quality artificial rose flowers, we will coat the stem with special glue, so that makes it just vivid, but the price is higher than the common one.
Artificial rose flowers are widely used for wedding, events, parties and holidays decoration. Artificial flowers are cheaper than fresh flowers. Faux rose flowers can last long time and reusable, they are very cost-effective. We specialize in the highest quality faux flowers for all your floral needs. We offers beautiful, life like and long lasting artificial flowers all over the world. Where ever you place your flower we want it to bring you light, joy and spark marvelous conversations.


Post time: Jun-13-2023