Home of silk flowers

Caozili County, Wuqing District is famous for artificial silk flowers, artificial foliage, faux plants and fake trees industry. So Caozili is named as “ Home of silk flowers”. Here in Caozili,Wuqing District, 90% people employed in artificial silk flowers and plants industry.

There are thousands of factories in Caozili, producing variety of silk flowers and plants. We have artificial roses, silk peonies, faux cherry blossoms, moist orchid, artificial carnations, silk pansies, faux morning glories, silk bougainvilleas, artificial sunflowers, silk hydrangeas, etc. And the artificial flowers can be in single stems, sprays, bunches, bouquets, bundles and bushes. The colors are multiple to choose, here they have a big cloth dying factory too, can customize any color required by customers. The artificial flowers are used for wedding and events celebrating, hotels, restaurants, bars and home daily decoration. The artificial flowers and plant are high simulated, looks vividly, there is nearly no difference with real flowers and plants. The artificial silk flowers and faux plants are welcomed by people all over the world.The silk flowers and plants have been sold to many countries, such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Russia, Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, Poland, Africa, etc. In order to push the development of artificial flowers and plants, the local government has build an artificial flowers fair.Most of the factories gather this fair to sell their silk flowers and artificial plants. It helps customers to buy the right products just in one place.

Now the material and craft become more and more high-grade, on the contrary the price is more competitive. The artificial silk flowers and plants of Caozili gets more competitive power. Customers all over the world focus on Caozili, the artificial flowers and plants here are good quality but cheap price! So as “ Home of silk flowers”, Caozili has be known by the world. Caozili, “ Home of silk flowers”, welcome you visiting our county, and we have got ready to provide best quality silk flowers and artificial plants for you!

Post time: Nov-01-2022