How to make order for bespoke artificial flowers?

This year after the 133th Canton Fair, we received several orders of bespoke silk flowers. Some customers dont know the procedure of bespoke products, so most of time we waste much time to communicate how to make order. Now I would like to talk about the most important things for bespoke products, so that we can save time and make the best samples for customers.

The most important thing is the sample. If you want us to produce an artificial flower that same as yours, you have to prepare one sample that in good shape and right color, and send us the sample. We will divide the sample into pieces as petals, stamen, sepal and stem. We will search these parts from the spare parts factory, or we have to make new mold for some parts we can not find the right one. If you want several colors, you have to send all the color samples, because color is difficult to express in words. We will control the color difference easily with your samples. The high simulation artificial flowers need more procedure to deal with, so need more time to make it. We dont accept urgent order for bespoke artificial flowers and plants.

Below is the bespoke artificial hydrangea and silk peony flower orders I got from Canton Fair. My client just need the silk flower heads with a paper stick. They use these kinds of artificial flower head for their aromatherapy oil. On the Canton Fair, we met several clients that needs such bespoke artificial flower heads. That can make a conclusion: in artificial flower industry, more and more clients would like to buy artificial flowers with their own design. So bespoke faux flowers will be a trend of next Canton Fair. Just remember the procedure of bespoke products, we can save time and energy to finish the order well.

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Post time: Jun-28-2023