What should we do after the Canton Fair?

We have came back to work from Canton Fair. After three years virus time, this is the first on site Canton Fair, we don’t expect too much about it. After all, the virus affected the economy from every business. People will reduce the buying desire to spend a hard time. This Canton Fair, we met only several customers from Europe and America. Most of the customers are from the neighbour of Asian countries, especially from India. But Indian customers prefer to buy directly from artificial flower factories with very low price. Although we are artificial flowers manufacturer, but we can not accept such low price, so we have to reject most of Indian customers. Indian customers like to buy velvet rose flower heads in big package. We focus on the manufacturing of silk flower bushes, silk flower balls, artificial flower bunch, silk flower centerpiece flowers, artificial wedding flowers. We have met customers from Columbia, Korea, Russia, Italy, Poland. Most of them are interested in our faux rose bushes, artificial hydrangea flower stems. Customers don’t exchange name cards as before, but add We-chat friends. Wechat is a online chatting tool in China, but now more and more foreigners began to use wechat, that means they always do business with Chinese people, and they know China market very well. Our high quality artificial rose flowers are welcomed by European customers, and they can accept high price for high quality.
From this Canton Fair we sum up experience as following:
1.Promotion on line and on site together. Now the young people like to buy on lone, if we have no on line promotion we will lost these young customers.
2.Speed up to design new artificial silk flowers models and colors. The popular trend goes very fast. No matter what new model, it can last only a short time.If you can not seize the opportunity of fashion trend, you will be left behind.
3.Try to reduce production cost. As artificial flowers manufacturer, we have to try to reduce the production cost so that we can offer cheap price to customers. Price is always the first thing to be noted.


Post time: May-05-2023