Why Choose Artificial Flowers?

Often still referred to as silk flowers, artificial flowers are rarely made from this luxurious and expensive substance these days. Constructed from a woven synthetic fabric that is pre-coloured or painted, or made from moulded plastic or acrylic materials, faux flowers, foliage, and plants are quite different from their historical predecessors. Why would you want to use them though? Let’s take a look at the products and see what advantages.
Faux Flowers-Whats are the Advantages?
Rather than a poor relation of fresh flowers, artificial blooms are a robust alternative and have a place within floristry and floral design. Explore the advantages of using them in your floral work.
10 reasons to use Faux Flowers
.Low- maintenance
.Always in season
Low maintenance
At home, the maintenance of a flower arrangement or pot plant may not be something that concerns us that much. With fresh flowers, we expect them to last up to two weeks, and then they’re either replaced, or we wait for another birthday or occasion before we have to deal with them again. A drop of water, an occasional feed, or a swift wipe of dusty leaves is probably all that’s required to look after a pot plant. There are situations where even this level of maintenance can be too much, however, such as in busy public spaces, office blocks, hotels, or conference centers. In these places, the floral decor needs to be hardly and require very little care.
In this setting, faux flowers can be the perfect option. The methods of manufacturing artificial flowers, foliage, plants, and trees have changed since the Chinese invented the silk flower, centuries ago. Since the dawning of synthetic fabrics, dyes, and plastics, the artificial bloom has evolved to be a worthy alternative to fresh, or even dried, and preserved products. The plants are also great if you don’t have green fingers. There’s nothing because no matter what you try, they seem determined not to survive. Create a luscious environment without the fear of over or under-watering, aphids, or diseases overcoming your beautiful plants-you can make your friends jealous of your horticultural skills via your aspirational Instagram posts!


Post time: Jul-17-2023